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I offer counselling to adults and adolescents (age 13 and up).


I strive to create a therapy space that is safe for all genders, races, cultures, bodies, sexual orientations, family constellations, and relationships. 

I have experience working with a wide range of issues, however the main areas that I specialize in are: 


Anxiety. Anxiety can show up in many different ways. We may be worrying all the time about the worst-case scenario. Or too afraid to do the things we care about. Or we may be having panic attacks that leave us exhausted and defeated. If you experience anxiety, you are not alone; anxiety is common and treatable. I use evidence-based strategies that can help you to reduce anxiety symptoms, change your relationship with fear, and feel safer in your world. 

Trauma. Trauma happens when we become overwhelmed by a lack of safety. When people experience or witness violence, or when children are not given the emotional safety they need from their caregivers, there can be long-time ripple effects. Trauma can negatively impact relationships, lead to mood disorders, and devastate our sense of self-worth. I have years of experience helping clients to manage trauma symptoms while also getting to the root of trauma's origins.   


Grief and Loss. Whether you have lost a loved one, your good health, or a meaningful relationship, grief and loss can stop you in your tracks. You may feel like you'll never be able to fill the hole that has been left in your life. You may feel sad, but also angry and confused, by the losses you have had to endure, and you may be using unhealthy coping skills to manage this challenging new normal. I can help you to move through grief, honour your loss, and find meaning in your loss. 


Perfectionism. So many of us are told along the way that we have to get it right, we must do our best, and if we fail, we will not be accepted. Over time we can internalize this message, and drive ourselves to be the perfect mother, the perfect employee, the perfect everything. This drive to succeed can serve us well for a time, but after a while we can hit a wall of anxiety or burn out.  It is possible to lay perfectionism aside and to embrace our whole, imperfect humanity. 


Low Self-Worth. Some of us are masters at putting ourselves down. Self-criticism can undermine our potential and keep us from doing the things we want to do. Low self-esteem can lead us to destructive behaviors that make us hate ourselves even more. We can learn how to be kinder to ourselves, and to finally start treating ourselves as a trusted friend. I have extensive experience helping people to grow in self-compassion and find kindness within.  



Grief and Loss

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