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Rachel Bullock
Registered Clinical Counsellor



Rachel Bullock - Registered Clinical Counsellor BC


I offer individual counselling to adults and adolescents. I meet with people in-person in the Comox Valley, and throughout BC online. 

We all go through times when we feel overwhelmed and lost. We are trying to do our best, but can't seem to find our way. Counselling gives us a space to take a breath, be heard, and figure out what we need to move forward.


I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with years of experience treating trauma, anxiety, burnout, and more. I believe that with the right support, we can all find well-being. 



Trauma symptoms show up in many different ways. Perhaps you feel on guard, always waiting for the other shoe to drop. You may hold a deep belief that you are worthless, and that your needs are not important. You may struggle to trust others, and find that your relationships are often in conflict. Trauma can lead you to careen between anxiety, depression, and numbness. For many, alcohol or other unhealthy behaviors is the only way to cope. However trauma shows up for you, it is possible to build trauma resilience and move forward in your life. 


Do you feel like you have a faulty panic alarm within that goes off at all the wrong times?  Do you get caught up in worried thoughts about every possible negative outcome? Perhaps you have a need to control everything around you just to keep your anxiety at bay. For many, the high stress states of anxiety are followed by the lows of depression or fatigue. There are many effective treatments for anxiety that get to the roots of these mood disruptions and help you to better manage your ups and downs.   


Many of us are exhausted by the demands of our lives, especially after a long pandemic. Burnout can show up as fatigue, but it can also appear as irritability, sadness, or a constant sense of feeling overwhelmed. If you're burnt out, you may struggle to feel good, or have a hard time showing up for the people you care about. You may have tried to rest, but you can't seem to shake that run-down feeling. With the right support, burnout offers you the opportunity to let go of what no longer serves you, and to show up for your own needs in a meaningful way. 

Along with trauma, anxiety, and burnout, I offer treatment for a wide range of concerns, such as grief and loss, perfectionism, and low-self worth

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I offer a free meet and greet online or over the phone so that you can get a sense of whether I would be a good fit for your needs.


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